Principal’s Corner

Welcome to Lytton High School, join us as we watch where the light first shines!
Ubi Lux Praelucet! – Te Maramatanga Tuatahi! – Where the light first shines!

The light certainly shines upon us here at Lytton High School. There are so many examples of this in the many accomplishments of our students. Our honour boards recognise the highest academic, sporting and cultural awards and our regular newsletters record on-going accomplishments during the year.

Lytton’s continued success is built on several key factors that I would like to briefly share with you.

Lytton is a co-educational high school, a place where young men and women learn together. In ancient times it was Plato, the Greek philosopher, who spoke about how co-education enables the deep development of maturity. He advocated teaching of both the male and female sexes in the same institution without showing any discrimination in imparting education. This certainly makes sense.

At Lytton High School students matter! The quality of staff at Lytton is a significant contributor towards realising the dreams and aspirations of and for our young people. Our staff are committed to doing the hard yards to realise the potential of all students.

Here at Lytton, students are safe to be whoever they are, and to become whoever they will be as they mature intellectually and emotionally. This safety is the basis upon which all students can build their futures.

Finally, my advice, when choosing a school for your son or daughter, is considering what Professor John Hattie says. “Visit the school on a normal day to meet and talk with the people.”

We look forward to meeting you and, on behalf of the Staff and Board of Trustees, may I offer you a very warm welcome to Lytton High School.

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