GPN89_19611102_032aLytton High School was officially opened in November 1961, by the Minister for Education, Mr W. B. Tennent. In the new assembly hall, packed with pupils, parents, members of the staff, and distinguished visitors, the Minister cut a ribbon symbolising the opening of the school. Speakers included Mr L. T. Burnand, chairman of the Board of Governors, Mrs Esme Tombleson, M.P., member for the district, and Mr R. C. Parker, chairman of the Cook County Council, in whose district the school is situated.

Mr Griffiths presented a large representation of the crest to the school on the occasion of the school’s first assembly in the new assembly hall and this gift now adorns the arch above the hall stage. The crest shows a Lion Rampant and a shield divided into four quarters.

logo_historyThe Lion Rampant

The lion symbolises courage and readiness for action.

The top left-hand quarter depicts the OPEN BOOK OF KNOWLEDGE.
The bottom left-hand quarter depicts two things:

  1. THE RISING SUN indicative of the East Coast being the first land to greet the sun …and
  2. A MAIZE STALK representing one of the main crops of the district.

The top right-hand quarter shows THREE PAIRS OF HANDS:

  • The top two hands, joined together, indicate the original Co-educational Gisborne High School.
  • Two hands apart show the division into Gisborne Boys’ High School and Gisborne Girls’ High School in 1956.
  • The bottom two hands, joined together, indicate the return of Co-education with the establishment of Lytton High School in 1961.

The bottom right-hand quarter shows the SCALES OF JUSTICE, also symbolising the ability to weigh up knowledge and choose the correct course.

mangopareThe Mangopare

The kowhaiwhai pattern is the Mangopare, the hammerhead shark. It captures the essence of the Maori proverb ‘Kia mate ururoa, koi mate wheke’ , i.e. to be like the shark not the octopus which surrenders at the first sign of difficulty or resistance. It symbolises facing the challenges with diligence, tenacity and determination.

This is captured in our school haka composed by John Poi.

Ko te kura o Rītana e ngunguru nei
I au au auē ha!
Kia mate ururoa, koi mate wheke,
Kia mate ururoa, koi mate wheke
Maranga mai
A haha!!
Mau ana te ihi e
Mau ana te wehi e, hi!

We are Lytton
We stand before you as a school, united!
We are ready to take on the challenge
Ready to compete, to persevere like the shark
and not give up like the octopus.
We rise up!
We hold strong and steady,
Be aware of us.


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