Literacy & Numeracy

High levels of Literacy and Numeracy better enable students to access the specialist curriculum in their areas of interest and potential career/further learning opportunities. We consider both of these key areas of learning to be a priority for all teaching and learning situations.

Literacy is a school-wide matter and all teachers are teachers of literacy as it applies to their specific curriculum area. The Mathematics Department plays a key role in developing numeracy skills.
Students are assessed in both these areas with results helping to determine what specific needs are required for each student, and in both Literacy & Numeracy specific interventions are put in place to support learning for these students.

One of these initiatives is the ‘Te Hāpai Reo – Literacy Programme’. It is managed by the Literacy Coordinator and also involves ‘Volunteers’ from the wider Gisborne community. This enables any Year 9 & 10 student who is reading with understanding below their age to be given small class, group or individual tuition as needed throughout the year. It also involves senior students as ‘Pause, Prompt & Praise’ (PPP) tutors who help individual Year 9 students early in the year.

From 2012, specific pathways were established for students to attain the Literacy and Numeracy qualifications as part of NCEA. These pathways are inclusive of standards related directly to Literacy and Numeracy, or the ability for students to gain the required credits through identified standards within other curriculum areas. Either way there is a school-wide focus on attaining Literacy and Numeracy credits for all students.